About Unimentor

The Unimentor team is passionate about empowering students to make better higher-education choices. Each young adult is unique and should have a custom-chosen path to prepare for their career. Selecting a college/university that meets desired parameters can transform a student’s educational and life journey. Unimentor make this process simple.

Unimentor sets up the best college connect for your chosen career. From engineering to aviation to management, medical, or pharmacy courses, Unimentor leverages a vast network of educational institutions, educators, student/guidance counsellors, career experts, and administrators to curate an ideal list that makes your college choice easy.

How it Works for you.

  • Explore collated lists of colleges pan-India for your desired course.
  • Compare colleges through reviews and ratings.
  • Gather crisp and clear course descriptions.
  • Get regular updates on news and events pertaining to education.
  • Receive advance notice on examination and admission test schedules.
  • Apply directly to the colleges and universities of your choice and skip the middle men.
  • Make informed decisions.

Why Unimentor.

  • Enables convenient and quick exploration of suitable courses.
  • Lists institutions by state/location, college/university, streamlining your college search.
  • Facilitates excellent placements.
  • Takes zero service charge.
  • Gets you scholarship notifications and even scholarship attainments, where possible.
  • Organises financial aid/educational loans, if required.
  • Make informed decisions.

Covers 1000+ colleges and 500+ courses.

It’s that easy.

Just sign up with your full name, email ID, and mobile number.
Select the desired course and location/city in India.
Click ‘Submit’ and gain access to comprehensive and pertinent information including:

  • College brochures.
  • Detailed fee structure.
  • Shortlisting and applying to colleges.
  • Takes zero service charge.
  • Access to experienced counsellors.
  • Timely updates on all important admission deadlines.
  • Reminders for counselling deadlines..

Why you need to plan ahead.

Unimentor functions on the belief that the best-fit course is as unique as each student. In addition to presenting the maximum choice of available courses and educational institutes, the Unimentor team encourages students and parents to identify their needs and assess options from a holistic angle.

  • Do rankings matter more or student reviews?
  • Is the college location and the region’s climate suitable? City/rural, cold/hot, accessible/remote what suits you?
  • Are the proposed fees acceptable or manageable?
  • Will the college and course prepare you well for career success and financial stability?
  • Which university is the institute affiliated too? Is it public or private?
  • Is the campus large or small? Do you like a diverse or cozy learning atmosphere?
  • Is the college co-educational? Is the culture inclusive?
  • Are the teaching/learning or research resources advanced?
  • Does the institution offer you the opportunity to develop co-curricular talents?

Essentially, Unimentor seeks to be a research springboard for students to find colleges that suit their career goals.